Saturday, June 5, 2010

Completion of Zipvit Nutrition Supplements Evaluation

Today's ride was a grueling 40 mile ride with a strong headwind on the way home, tiring but satisfying. I completed my evaluation of the Zipvit products today Starting with a ZV8 Yogurt Peach Apricot Energy Bar for Breakfast, not bad, this is the best tasting bar I tried from Zipvit. Then 30 minutes In I had half a pack of ZV10 Black Cherry Energy Chews chased with ZV1 Fruit Punch Elite Energy Drink. Next at 70 minutes in I finished off the package of Chews, starting to feel the fatigue, but I did get a boost of power from the supplements. Two hours in I used my ZV7 Black Currant Energy Gel for a pick-me-up to carry me home for a 2 hour and 22 minute 40.26 mile ride.

This completes my evaluation of the Zipvit products and overall I was satisfied with the performance and would recommend to other riders, but I will probably not purchase anymore for my own personal use. This is always subject to change.

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