Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early Beach Ride

Road with a friend from church Monday morning at O Dark Thirty having a wonderful time riding the beach road from Gulf Shores to the west end of the beach, then back to the bridge at Perdido Pass and back to Gulf Shores. It was good ride averaging 15 mph and I maintained a 126 bpm heart rate. This was a much needed training ride at a pace that I can sustain for extremely long periods of time. (limited to my ability to stay in the saddle)

The scenery is always great at the beach, white sandy beaches with sea oats waving you by and lots of people out for there early morning walk, jog, or ride. The beach life has it's perks. It appears the state is able to keep up with the inflow of oil to the beach so tourism seems to be surviving the terrible disaster happening out in the gulf, lets keep on praying!

We talked about riding the Tour De Beach ride coming up in September hopefully we can form a team of couple of riders and have a good showing.

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