Friday, June 4, 2010

Nutrition Update

Had a good 32 mile ride today, started off with a Zipvit Zv8 Energy Bar for breakfast followed by a GU Energy Gel Vanilla 3o minutes into my ride followed by a GU Energy Gel Espresso Love at 70 minutes into the ride. The Zipvit taste was great but these bars are a little dry for my personal preference but it filled me up and I was not hungry during the ride. The GU Energy Gel Vanilla Orange Roctane tastes great and definitely added a kick at the 30 minute mark followed by the Espresso Love to help carry me home. Could of used a little more carbs towards the end but I made it home fine. Latter in the day I hit the Hammer Electrolyte Drink for an afternoon pick-me-up. Overall my impression of the Energy supplements are positive but I seem to be hovering towards the GU products. More to follow.

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