Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Feet Please

3 Feet Please, I want to make it home today! I had a tractor trailer try to run me off the road yesterday. Education can make the difference. Link to an article in Bicycling Magazine. I was about 15 minutes into my ride going down County Road 10 a road with no shoulders, when I heard a truck horn blow twice, I thought OK thanks for letting me know you are back their, come on around when it is clear. I have control of the lane riding approximately 28 to 36 inches inside the edge line and next thing I see is a truck passing me and I can literally reach out and touch the side of the truck, I instinctively swerve to the right going off the road luckily maintaining control of my bike, after the truck passes I immediately move to the middle of the line and ride to the next intersection. This guy almost killed me and I thought, first he had honked twice telling me to get out of his way then brushes me back by passing to close, does he realize how close he was to committing vehicular homicide?

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