Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training Ride by mhare2001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Training Ride by mhare2001 at Garmin Connect - Details Today I took an afternoon ride to try out my new Castelli Ergo Tre Bibshort with the KISS3 pad. First impressions were the fit was a little tight, but when I got on the bike everything fell into place. Pulling out of the drive the KISS3 Pad seemed a little harder than the Bontrigger Bibs I have been wearing but I thought what the heck, lets see what they fell like after an hour in the saddle. I must say, the added hardness or support, I guess depends on who you talk to was a welcome surprise! Honestly, my backside really had no complaints and felt like I could have ridden for hours more, of course the lightning and thunder fast approaching deterred that from happening, dang lost another good day of riding! Also, I tried a new pair of Castelli Lowboy socks, my feet were cool and dry after the hour long ride. I will post a follow up review after the next ride, but as expected quality and comfort were up to the usual Castelli standard.

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